The Kra'an Dominion

Do you play Utopia?
Then you need The Utopia Nerd
Are you stuck in the wonderful game Dragon Bane from Palm Creations for the PalmPilot? This is the place if you want help. Want to know when Feldor will be able to wield the Devastator or what will happen if you quaff a Potion of Protection? Then check out the Items Spoiler!
Feel like beefing up? Watch as Mark Simpson shows you how to edit your savefiles. Have you spent the last three days wandering around the same dungeon? If you want to find the key you're looking for, take a look at the Puzzles Spoiler. If that isn't enough, Larry Fluckiger has written a complete walkthrough that will take you through the game.
Would you like to be able to check out the Spell List when you're not online? Download it in Doc and MobileDB format for the Pilot. There's a short FAQ and a page with tips too.
Read what other players are wishing for in the Wishes page. Are you lost? Grab a map in the Maps Spoiler.
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