The Kra'an Dominion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dragon Bane? It is a game made by Palm Creations. It runs on the PalmPilot handheld computer.
How can I get Dragon Bane? Go to the Palm Creations site. There you can find a download page with the latest demo.
Who is Kra'an? It is the evil dragon that holds the land in Dragon Bane under its claw.
How can I contribute to this site? Send your information to Peter Jaric (me) and tell me if you want to be credited for the info on the site.
Is there a mailing list for Dragon Bane? Yes, visit the list archive at eGroups.
I've noticed that my AC decreased permanently. What is wrong? If you unequip all items and you don't have close to AC 8 you probably have encountered a bug in version 1.0 of Dragon Bane. Go get a new version of the game (see the question "How can I get Dragon Bane?") and it shouldn't continue. Palm Creations has offered to fix a save file of your choice if you send it to them with all characters' armour unequipped. I don't know how long their offer will be valid though. If you want to fix it yourself, you can always do it by editing your savefiles.

I've heard that it can happen to other stats too.
My characters have increased in levels and a lot of monsters seems to have disappeared. What's going on? When your party gets stronger, your enemies take more care. Eventually the lesser monsters will be too scared to attack you. This is good, since then you can walk through areas with wimpy monsters which give only a little experience without being bothered.
What is the purpose of the pentagrams I see on the floor everywhere?/How can I make the Open Portal spell work? Stand facing a pentagram (not on it) and cast the spell Open Portal. A portal will appear above the pentagram. Read more about the spell in the manual.
When I talk in the King's Court the message never changes. Why? You will only get a new assignment from the court when you have finished the previous one.
Can I change any of my characters to another in the court and change back later? You can, but then the original character will be back at level one with no equipment.
Those bones all over the floor, what are they for? As far as I can say, they have no effect to the game. They can be a help in fighting disorientation, though. The same goes for rock piles, btw.
Will Dragon Bane drain the batteries? Since there are a lot of screen updates, that seems likely.
Why can my characters only equip a few of the items I have found? All battle equipment have requirements on your characters' stats. Check out the Items Spoiler if you want to know the exact requirements. Your stats will go up as you gain levels and find things.
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